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You have the message, the story, the experience, and the expertise that the world needs, now it is time to monetize it.


You bring the goods and we’ll give you the game plan.

The Limitless Intensive 

“A Literary Affair” 11/05-11/07

The annual BOOKS 2 BUSINESS & BEYONDHYBRID event for aspiring authors, emerging authors, seasoned authors, bloggers, editors, graphic designers, illustrators, ministry leaders, career professionals and business owners.


What is The Limitless Intensive: “A Literary Affair”?

A Two-day intensive with a third day for VIP, that allows attendees to :

  • Own the Power of the Pen 

  • Write Your Worth

  • Build a brand

  • Monetize your Message For IMPACT



“Since I’ve been in the LIMITLESS coaching group I’ve overcome my “gremlin” that was holding me back by telling me I wasn’t smart enough to live my vision! The experience has caused me to actually realize that I can do the work to reach my purpose and business goals!


The information, resources, feedback, assignments, and encouragement from you has caused me to dig deep into myself to bring forth my full vision of EMERGE Inc.! 


I’ve done vision boards before without them really being effective, but with your direction, I actually did an amazing focused vision board and it is my roadmap for my business and life. 


I’ve established my business account.

I’ve gotten business insurance,

I’m the visionary author of my own anthology of Possibilities Realized! 

I’m working on my business website,

I’m increasing my business awareness by reaching potential clients through FB and Instagram LIVE videos!

I’m working on my relationship with my siblings and it’s going great!

I’m working on my time spent with God and it’s been an amazing blessing and I’ve received enlightenment beyond my imagination.”

“I was inspired by Joan's achievements as a business owner and that led me to sign up for her coaching program.


During the program, Joan was so generous with her gifts and knowledge that I felt blessed each week when I signed in.The Limitless Coaching Program was a great way for me to experience a World Class Coaching Program at the perfect price-point for a self-funded entrepreneur.

Joan's weekly challenges made me explore deeply into my own wishes and desires. 

I loved how Joan encouraged us to work with a smaller group of accountability partners within the program. Our team of three really  bonded as a group and I believe we will keep in contact beyond the program.  I've got two more business besties as a result, thanks Joan!”


Here Is What You Will Learn

  • Learn the skills and strategies to Create Multiple Streams of income from your book

  • Brand yourself as the Author with Authority

  • Dominate your lane with a Book Funnel

  • The secret to Marketing like a PRO

  • Be your own Press Release professional that gets you seen on TV

  • Streaming: A Book and A Show

  • Turn the book into The Movie

  • And so much More!!!!!!



Day 1 - November 5th, 2021 

The Author’s Authority


On the first day of The Limitless Intensive “A Literary Affair,” the focus will be, understanding your WHY, WHAT, WHO, and HOW you can establish authority with your message.


You’ll learn how to be intentional about positioning your message, experience, story, and expertise —while staying true to your most authentic self.


Here's what we'll cover!


Friday: 9:00 AM- 6:00 PM


  • Faith And Purpose 

Finding the purpose in your story journey


  • Back to Her: The Transformation

Taking your Power Back and Owning it through Storytelling


  • The Power of the Pen 

              The 4 P’s: Plan, Promote, Partner, Presence 


  • Writing A Message That Sells 

Crafting a compelling story


Saturday - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Beyond The Book 


On day two - we are going deeper! 


Learn how to go beyond your book to establish your brand and build or scale a business!  


You will gain knowledge on how to embrace your experiences to leverage your marketing and content efforts — including your email sequence, social media, and more  — to connect with your audience!


Here are just a few of the topics we’ll cover this day: 


  • The Power Of Choice 

Meet the 11-Year Old Mogul - Best Selling Author, Speaker, Beauty Queen, and Entrepreneur!  


  •  Repurposing The Past 

Changing the narrative you once told yourself


  • The Blueprint “Beyond the Book”

The Authorpreneur Business Model 


  • The Art Of Content Marketing 

Marketing and content that converts to cash 


  • Collaboration And Legacy

Eliminating competition even if you are in the same space


  • Visual Storytelling

Your Story on the screen


*VIP* Day: Sunday - 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

The Book to Business Model

(For VIP Ticket Holders or as a Single Purchase)


We are ending the intensive with A BANG!


 For those who join us for our *bonus VIP DAY*, you’ll learn how to embrace new business structures that will allow you to diversify your income. 


More importantly, you’ll be exposed to how to create financial abundance while championing your brand and raising your quality of life.


Here are the BONUS topics we’ll cover this day: 


  • Guided Meditation 

*Clearing space for Clarity


  • Branding Like An Authorpreneur

*Build, Brand, and Bank 


  • Creating Multiple Income Streams With Funnels

*Breaking it down 

Our Incredible Speakers

Mercy Fakoya.jpg

Mercy Fakoya

Winner of the Book to Business & Beyond 2020-2021 Pitch Contest

Heather Asyianbi.jpg

Heather Asyianbi

Pens and Proof editing services for authors and entrepreneurs | Let me help make your publishing dreams come true!

Angela M Mitchell.jpg

Angela Mitchell

Runner Up of the Book to Business & Beyond 2020-2021 Pitch Contest

Nadia Monsano.jpg

Nadia Monsano

This best-selling author is one of our VIP Power Speakers. She is going to share information about branding and marketing for your business. 

Erika Etienne (2).jpg

Erika Etienne

This best-selling author and filmmaker is one of our VIP Power Speakers, and she is going to share with you the art of visual story-telling!

Trinity Bush.jpg

Trinity Bush

Best-selling author, motivational speaker, and
She is also the CEO of Beyond What You See

Meet Your Producer Joan T Randall

Joan T Randall is an International Speaker, Award-Winning Multi Best-Selling Author, Business Coach, and Independent Publisher. She is an Evolution Engineer who helps spiritual thought leaders and individuals of faith write and publish their story, message, or expertise, so they can monetize their impact, build a business, and create legacies.


Affectionately known as the Author’s midwife Joan has helped over 300 authors achieve best-selling status. Joan founded The Intensive Academy, an online platform that facilitates the unique model of taking your Book to Business and Beyond; Helping authors use their books as leverage for multi-income and business growth.


Joan has been featured in media locally, nationally, and internationally. Her awards and accolades include but are not limited to; Outstanding Community Leadership, Philanthropy, Entrepreneurship, Literary, Women's Leadership, and Advocacy, as seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. Her five core values: Live, Learn, Love, Lead, and Legacy, are the nucleus of her internal operating system and the center from which she approaches life, ministry, and business. Joan was born in Kingston, Jamaica. She is a mother of four and a GiGi to five.


She currently resides in NC with her husband, Bill. Visit her 

website (www.joantrandall.com)

Ryan McCrary.jpg

Ryan McCrary

Best-selling author, trainer, and speaker who has helped countless entrepreneurs get their message in front of their people! AKAThe "Funnel Doctor"

Tieshena Davis.jpg

Tieshena Davis

Multi-bestselling author, Yale Alumni, and the founding publisher & CEO of Publish Your Gift®; an award-winning publishing firm specializing in literary content creation and author branding.

Juanita Corry Jackson.jpg

Juanita Corry Jackson

CEO of Global Impact University Consulting, LLC. She is a certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach.

Meet The MC, Angela Hope

Angela A Hope Headshot.JPG

Angela A. Hope is a proud Washingtonian now living in Charlotte NC, where she enjoys her entrepreneurship lifestyle. Angela is a financial wellness advisor, helping people across the country, restoring, rebuilding, and protecting their credit, among other diversified services to leverage financial well-being.


Angela has supported C-suite executives for nearly thirty years in law, media, entertainment, and financial services with Viacom and the NBA. Angela is now the owner of A Hope and Company LLC, a virtual administrative, concierge, and talent acquisition service.                                                                                                                

She genuinely loves her family and loves sharing life with her best friend, who happens to be her beloved Husband, Malkin Hope. Together they enjoy their beautifully blended family of two sons and three daughters and six grandchildren. 



Should I attend if I never wrote a book? Who exactly is this event for? 


Even if you've never written a book, you have a story to tell and an experience to share. This conference will show you how to operate in your Power and tell Your Story on Your Terms. 


Aspiring Authors, Emerging Authors, Seasoned Authors, Bloggers, Editors, Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Ministry Leaders, Career Professionals, Business Owners, and whoever would like to join us are invited!


What is the difference between a Virtual ticket and a VIP Ticket? 


Whether you purchase a Virtual ticket or VIP ticket - you will be attending the conference virtually via our streaming platform. 


VIP ticket holders ONLY will have access to attend our Bonus VIP Day on November 7th.


You will receive instructions on how to access the conference. 


What can I expect over the two days of the Intensive? 

During the value-packed Limitless Intensive “A Literary Affair,” you can expect to learn how to monetize your message and write your worth! We have a line-up of DYNAMIC speakers who will cover topics such as:


  • Faith And Purpose 

  • Back to Her: The Transformation

  • The Power of the Pen 

       The 4 P’s: Plan, Promote, Partner, Presence 

  • Writing A Message That Sells 

  • The Power Of Choice


Meet the 11-Year Old Mogul - Best Selling Author, Speaker, Beauty Queen, and Entrepreneur!


  •  Repurposing The Past 

  • The Blueprint “Beyond the Book”

  • The Art Of Content Marketing 

  • Collaboration And Legacy

  • Visual Storytelling



What is your refund policy? What happens in the case of a canceled event?

We cannot issue individual refunds. In case you are not able to attend, please reach out to us and we can assist you in transferring your ticket to someone else. 

If the event is rescheduled, your ticket will be valid for the new date. If the conference is canceled, we will credit the amount you paid for your ticket to be used towards any service or product at Victorious You Press.


I have other questions that have not been answered, am I able to speak to someone?


Yes, if we have not answered your questions, please reach out to us at joan@victoriousyoupress.com

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